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Diabetes by Marriage ... A Memoir by Helen Gregory
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Diabetes by Marriage . . . a Memoir by Helen Gregory
     My "never-dull" nearly thirty years of marriage to a man with insulin-dependent, brittle diabetes, which means he had no warning signs for the onset of insulin reactions (insulin shock, hypoglycemic attack). My memoir starts with our relocation to California to find the 1960's dream, like others in our age group.
It began with a nightmare. Mike (my husband of three years) totaled our new car during an insulin reaction three weeks after we arrived. I was at work when that happened—my fifth day at a finance company. He'd been taken to a hospital, where I learned he was not expected to live.
But he did. And five months later we returned to Seattle to rebuild our lives, despite the twists and turns of that life with its urgent interruptions. Mike's diabetes controlled my every thought, every decision: about our home, our health, our jobs and—as the complications of diabetes began to take a toll on him—his dignity. May my story be of value to those who may be traveling a similar path.

Paperback: ISBN 978-0-941973-19-9,  6"x9",  398 pages,  $17.99,  or eBook: $4.99
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