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UPDATE ... Sept 30, 2021
   Been busy with volunteer projects, but now have done first edit on all 232 pages. Next up: configure chapter titles for Table of Contents, apply for LCC number, assign ISBN number, verify dimensions for printing, and much more. I changed the cover again and still have to weigh pros and cons about where to print/publish.
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UPDATE ... July 28, 2021
   I'm still formatting pages for book publication, and have a good start on the cover design. Everything is in this forthcoming book of channeled writing—what peaked my interest, how I began, how I reached the spirit world, what information they gave me and what they insisted I do with it. front cover photo
   It's been a rewarding trip for me, rereading the long-ago words of my Guardian Angel and Spirit Guides, and I find their messages and lessons as relevant and meaningful today as when they were first written.
   I am anxious to get this book into print (hopefully by November) so I can once again start the long journey back to communicating with my spirit family!
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If you'd like to receive a notice when this title is published and ready to order, just send your name and email address to Helen@pinpubstudio.com and I'll let you know!
    You're welcome to include a comment or question, if you like, and I'll respond as soon as I can.


Images of actual channeled writing

Nov 7, 1985
Amy, my guardian angel, draws "squiggles"
Nov 8, 1985
Aunt Mary & her lottery ticket teasing begins
11.27.85 img
Very first response from my guide David.