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COMMING SOON - ISBN 978-0-941973-23-6
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Helen Ingeborg Gregory • Pinstripe Publishing • pinpubstudio.com

Nearly ready for publishing is this true account of one woman's journey into the Spirit World via Automatic Channeled Writing. What peaked her interest? How did she learn to do it?
     Answer: with outside encouragement and personal messages from her departed family and friends. The proverbial "warts and all" of her journey is revealed in this book!
     Multiple sessions per day were spent holding pencil to paper and learning to relax – to concentrate – to meditate – to believe it would happen. Finally, one day, the pencil began to write!
     That pencil belonged to me, Helen Gregory. As a beginner, I was a skeptical medium – ad nauseam! But I persevered in any spare time I could manage between helping my mother with the care of my father's cancer surgeries and treatments, and dealing with my husband's medical schedule for what grew into serious complications of diabetes. Three years of trying to keep up with everything finally overwhelmed me, and the 'automatic writing' sessions gave way.
     Rereading the long-ago messages relayed by my Guardian Angel and the lessons from my Spirit Guides has been a rewarding trip for me. I find their words as relevant and meaningful today as when they were first written. Perhaps, in some mysterious way, that is because "... there is no time in Heaven".
     Now a discerning believer, I long to connect with my spirit family again. I will strive to make that happen!

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    You're welcome to include a comment or question, if you like, and I'll respond as time allows.

Images of actual channeled writing

Nov 7, 1985
Amy, my guardian angel, draws "squiggles"
Nov 8, 1985
Aunt Mary & her lottery ticket teasing begins
11.27.85 img
Very first response from my guide David.