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Starwatchers ... the Journey to Crystallo   Fiction/fantasy for ages 8-12
Brother and sister twins are transported off the Earth and onto an asteroid. Luckily, they encounter a helpful alien, amid other strange beings, buildings, foods and events. Mitch disappears during their journey to the Starmaster's Station to request help getting back to Earth, and Meg must find the Starmaster's Station alone—a difficult task, which actually builds her confidence. Early readers' comments applaud the story, in spite of some editing oversights (i.e. Middle grade rather than Y/A as misstated on back cover).
Includes map of journey, trivia test and a glossary. Full color cover (from original pastel painting by Helen). Perfect bound, laminated cover, 5"x8", 127 pages, 40 copies available. ISBN 978-0-94973-16-8. No price printed on cover. Original SRP: $9.95, CLOSEOUT: $2.00 per copy plus shipping. Offers welcome on multiple copies. Email me.

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A Blanket for Svea · Story book, Coloring book, Pattern book.
This book was inspired by the quilt I designed and made as a Christmas gift for a new grandniece. The story of how this quilt came to be (read it below) flows across 20 pages of line art illustrations (some simple, some intricate) ready to color. The crib size quilt features  Swedish motifs of the Dala Horse, Swedish flag, and hearts.  Quilt pattern and directions included.
  ISBN 0-941973-15-8 ... SRP $7.95 ... 8x11", paper, 32 pages, saddle-stitched; the full-color cover is laminated. There is no price printed on the book. About 600 copies available, still in printer's cartons. Will ship within continental USA (USPS Media Rate - other if you want to pay the difference). Pricing depends on volume ordered. I will personally pack your order and inspect to verify count and condition.

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Menopause Country . . . A Joke book by Jean Adair & Helen Gregory.
The silly yet insightful side of menopause in cartoons and humorous verse. A great gag gift for the baby boomer who knows hot flashes, mood swings, water retention, HRT, FSH, PMS, as well as the joys of grandchildren and great chocolate! Gags and verse by Jean Adair. Cartoon illustrations by Helen Gregory. Book design, print-preparation and publishing by Helen Gregory. Paper, saddle stitched, 32 pages, 5x8", no price printed on book. ISBN 0-941973-13-1. Original SRP $5.95.
CLOSEOUT PRICE: One lot of 80 copies for $40.00 (50 a copy). Two cases of 100 copies each for $50.00 per case. (50 a copy). FREE SHIPPING within continental USA, best way (USPS Media Mail / other shipper if you want to pay the difference).

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