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Future Titles by Helen Ingeborg Gregory
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My book-publishing schedule is again delayed; this time by health concerns of my own. I WILL persevere . . . some are close to being 'ready for publishing':  (posted January 19, 2021)
IF a book project listed below is "of interest" to you, please email the title (or line number) to me and I'll keep you posted on the results!

1. Torvald and the Mouse: a book about a Swedish Tomte, or a Norwegian Nisse, who lives on the farm of his chosen family with a goat, twelve chickens, and one troublesome mouse! Story in rhyme, full color illustrations, paper, 8" x 8".
2. Wilma Witchey and the Best Moon Flight Ever! An illustrated book about a Halloween witch with broom trouble. The eBook is already up on Amazon. (I've had trouble getting Amazon KDP program to accept my file for the print version).
3. Tales for Tots A collection of childrens stories: Fredericka the Frog, Franklin P. Frog, Sammy's Slippers, The Day the Tulips Talked, Gracie's Golden Surprise, and The Magic of the Forest
4. (Channeled Writing) A raw (true) account of my automatic channeled writing from 1985 - 1987. Much formatting to do; may need to be in two volumes. (title not yet disclosed). I promised my guides I would publish my journey as they requested, but never had time. If you read my Diabetes by Marriage memoir, you'll understand why.
5. The Promise Jar A collection of writings and rhymes, many of which were inspired by "prompts" from members of the Skagit Valley Writers League.
6. Trouble at Tanglewood Chidren's story about a wee wood folk family suddenly displaced by a flood, their efforts to rebuild a home and the frantic search for their abducted daughter.
7. (Middle grade fiction-fantasy) Two preteens are sucked off the earth an onto an asteroid, encountering strange beings, foods, surroundings, domiciles, happenings and such during their quest to return to earth. Includes map of journey on the asteroid plus a trivia test and glossary. (Starwatchers, Currently undergoing an editing revision and may be renamed).


"Of interest . . ."

1. Torvald ... 1