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Kindle version only.
Price ... $2.99 US

Tales for Tots and the folks who love them
Tales & illustrations by Helen Ingeborg
Ages 4 to 104 ... Six delightful tales, each with an illustration. Suitable for bedtime reading. Includes stories about frogs, flowers, fairies and a pair of red plaid slippers! Titles: Frederika the Frog (in rhyme), Franklin P. Frog, Sammy's Slippers (in rhyme), The Day the Tulips Talked, Gracie's Golden Surprise, and The Magic of the Forest (in rhyme)

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Trouble at Tanglewood
midge Story & illustrations by Helen Ingeborg
Ages 4 to 104 ...
Children's fiction for ages 4 to 8 about a family of wee wood folk, no taller than toadstools, who are caught in a river flood and carried away. Thankfully they reach shore and gather together to create a new home. They work hard to resettle and enjoy life until their young daughter is kidnapped by a wretched rat. The family strikes out to find her, with little results.

Because of her own resourcefulness and compassion, the daughter manages to return home safely, apart from her family's search.
Kindle version only.   Price ... $2.99 US

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Wilma Witchey   & the Best Moon Flight Ever!
Story and illustrations by Helen Ingeborg
Ages 4 to 104 ... When Wilma's favorite broom goes missing at the repair shop on Halloween, she summons her daughter to help. The daughter calms Wilma's frustration over her missing broom, eventually rushing out to purchase a new one so Wilma won't disappoint the children waiting for her yearly ride. The daughter returns barely in time for Wilma's nine o'clock flight, but the broom doesn't work—that is, until her daughter combines old and new technology to fire it up. the end Wilma at last succeeds in WOWing hometown trick-or-treaters with the Best Moon Flight ever!

Kindle only.   •   $3.49 US  
NOTE!... The original ebook has been completely updated with full color illustrations on each page.

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Starwatchers—The Journey to Crystallo
Story & illustrations by Helen Ingeborg

  This story follows the sudden and often scary plight of young Mitch and Meg, who are sucked out of Wyoming and onto an asteroid one night as they walk home from a movie theater. They encounter a brisk but helpful little alien, subterranean habitomes, strange food, and a starcasting facility before happening upon the wicked Dustman. That's when Mitch disappears and Meg becomes determined to find both him and their way back to Earth. Her travels are frought with unusual challenges that test her courage but build her character.

Fiction/fantasy adventure for ages 9 to 99.
Includes journey map and glossary.
Kindle version ASIN B00F3ND2S6 • $3.99 US.
Also available in print Starwatchers

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