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A short time ago, I discovered that Chapbooks had been making a comeback! Originating in the 1800ís, these little tomes were pocket-sized, typically hand written and bound by cord or twine, sporting poetry, prose or art on their pages. In later times, cowboys working cattle drives carried them in their pockets, to enjoy during times of rest. Very often, you will find chapbooks filled with Cowboy Poetry.

      Although many are still created by hand with original lettering and artwork, there are also worthwhile chapbooks produced via desktop publishing equipment. My own are self-authored, -illustrated, -printed, -bound -packaged and shipped right from my home office.

      Most all the pages hold inkjet prints of my over-the-years pencil sketches scanned into my computer and drawn-over in a vector-draw program. I reserve the right to make changes for the better if or as needed in future printings. And I look forward to Amazonís future print options with KDP.

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