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Starwatchers ...
The Journey to Crystallo

by Helen Ingeborg

  This story follows the sudden and often scary plight of young Mitch and Meg, who are sucked out of Wyoming and onto an asteroid one night as they walk home from a movie theater. They encounter a brisk but helpful little alien, subterranean habitomes, strange food, and a starcasting facility before happening upon the wicked Dustman. That's when Mitch disappears and Meg becomes determined to find both him and their way back to Earth. Her travels are frought with unusual challenges that test her courage but build her character.

Fiction/fantasy adventure for ages 9 to 99.
Includes journey map and glossary.

Middle grade, ages 9-11, full color covers, from original pastel painting by Helen Gregory.
Print version ISBN 978-0-941973-16-8
Price ... $9.95 US.

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Starwatchers is also available as a Kindle eBook