The story of how this blanket came to be:

A Blanket for Svea
In the month before Christmas
Auntie thought it'd be swell,
to sew a nice blanket for Svea Michelle.

"It should look sort of Swedish,
with horses, and flags," she thought,
as she gathered up two shopping bags.
Auntie went to the fabric store
just down the street . . .
and picked out some yardage
that she thought was sweet.
She drew out the horses,
and with paint, and seaming . . .
stitched them to stardust,
for enchanted dreaming!
Using ribbons of yellow
on backgrounds of blue,
she fashioned some bold
Swedish flags for it too.
And put symbols of love
all around every side,
with one slightly different
(to lessen her pride).
Then, with quick nimble fingers
pulling yarn of bright red,
Auntie tied off the blanket,
and placed it on her bed.
She crawled in underneath
and with the blanket above,
slumbered three nights,
just to fill it with love!
Finally, just before Christmas,
where no one could see,
Auntie wrapped up the blanket
and put it under the tree.
And when Svea saw it
she shrieked with delight!
The colors were perfect!
The size was just right . . .

"Merry Christmas!" wished Auntie
as she hugged Svea tight . . .
"and to all children everywhere—
an enchanting night!"


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