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Torvald and the Mouse
by Helen Ingeborg

Call him a Tomte if you will, and picture him on a farm in Sweden. Call him a Nisse, and place him in Norway. Or, just call him Torvald, an elf of Nordic heritage living on a farm somewhere in America.

     The elf in myself has finally made it out of my head and onto the pages of this book—in drawings and in rhyme. Torvald is a sparkling little fellow who, by tradition, lives in the barn of his chosen family. He cares for the farm and, in particular, twelve chickens, a gray goat ... and, yes, one pesky mouse! This is a happy-ending story suitable for children (of all ages).
    I wrote this story in 1999, based on Swedish folklore of the same little fellow who, along with the Julbock (Christmas Goat), deliveres Christmas gifts in the far northern country of my father's birth. A little "history" of these folk, together with a brief account of my twenty-year dream of seeing it in print, accompanies this chapbook
Torvald and the Mouse   Chapbook ... story and full-color illustrations by Helen Ingeborg. 4¼x5½ inches, 28 pages, ships free, $12.00 USD.

Be kind to your Tomte or Nisse!
(He can be mischievous if not treated well)

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