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Wilma Witchey and the Best Moon Flight Ever!
A family-friendly Halloween tale by Helen Ingeborg

Very long ago, in a tiny town, lived a little red-haired lady with a secret: she was a witch. A good witch! She had a little black cat named Midnight, and a daughter named Winnie. Every Halloween night she would don her robes and hat and fly across the moon to cheer the children of her small town.

       This year, on the day before Halloween, Wilma's broom remains in the repair shop due to not reaching the expected height on last year's flight. She has quite a time getting answers from Raven at the shop, and turns to her daughter for help.

       Winnie has no better luck with the shop. She ventures out to buy her mother a brand new broom, which has a problem of its own. But quick-thinking Winnie solves it, using old and new technology. ... Scroll down images at right to view page samples.

Wilma Witchey and the Best Moon Flight Ever!
Story and illustrations by Helen Ingeborg. 24 pages, 4¼ x 5½ inches; Authenticity Statement, mailing envelope.    $12.00, Ships free

When Halloween is over, will you be ready to read
My Christmas Stocking?
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